Pak-Iran Intensified clashes

At around eleven o’clock, Pakistan closed the border with Iran for an indefinite period.


Pak-Iran Intensified clashes

Pak-Iran Intensified clashes: At eleven o’clock, pro-establishment accounts reported that efforts to find a diplomatic solution had failed. After which Pakistan issued instructions to the civilian air traffic to avoid Pak-Iran border.

At 12:30 it was reported that Pakistani F-16s were flying near the Iranian border. Iran issued a high alert to all its military installations in Sistan at one o’clock’

The official condemnation of the Iranian strike came from the United States at 1:30 am.

It was reported that a discussion had taken place between the Pakistani and Saudi officials. Saudi Arabia and America supported Pakistan. While India stood on Iran’s side. Explosions were heard at different places in Sistan at 2 O’ Clock.

Two Iranian agents were arrested by Pakistani security forces from Karachi at 2:00 am and at 2.30 am more explosions were heard near Chabahar.

Explosions were heard in Saravan at half past six. It was reported that Pakistan has targeted BLA and BLF bases in Iran in an air strike at 07:0 am.

At seven o’clock Khorasan Diary confirmed that Pakistan had carried out several airstrikes in Iran. Along with this, Pakistan became the first country to conduct an active strike in Iranian territory after the Iran-Iraq war.

At seven o’clock, Iranian sources confirmed that airstrikes had taken place within twenty kilometers of the Iranian border. Several Pakistani drones were seen in the area.

F-16 and JF-17 flights over Karachi and Quetta. At 8:00 p.m., confirmation came from the New York Times that Pakistan had hit seven locations in Iran. At eight o’clock, the rest of the international media began coverage.

According to the 9 o’clock news, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are making de-escalation efforts.

At 9:30 PM, Pakistan issued a warning to Iran that any further action would be retaliated in kind. It was officially confirmed by the Foreign Office at 10:00 PM.

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