Melbourne CBD Echoes with Pro-Palestinian Voices Amidst Port Blockade Protest

Melbourne Protest - Free Gaza

Melbourne Protest – Free Palestine Boycott Israel: For the 15th consecutive week, passionate rallies for Palestinian rights and a ceasefire in Gaza echoed through the Melbourne CBD. As thousands filled the streets with chants of solidarity and demands for action, another group of demonstrators continued their resolute blockade of an Israeli-owned ship docked at the city’s port.

The heart of Melbourne pulsed with unwavering support for the Palestinian cause as an estimated 4,000 people rallied for peace in Gaza and freedom for Palestinians. The vibrant sea of humanity, adorned with Palestinian flags and banners, gathered at the State Library of Victoria before embarking on a powerful march through the city’s streets. 

Melbourne Protest - Free Gaza

While the rally was initially advertised as a platform to protest the journalist’s dismissal, the mood quickly shifted to reflect a broader, global concern. The focus pivoted towards the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, with the crowd amplifying their voices for peace and an end to the ongoing blockade. Chants of “shame” briefly echoed at the mention of Lattouf’s situation, potentially acknowledging the underlying societal issues related to media representation and freedom of expression. However, the urgency of the Gaza situation, with its devastating human cost, resonated more deeply and took center stage in the speeches and chants. This move can be seen as an example of how local concerns can intersect with larger global struggles, and how collective action can prioritize urgent humanitarian needs while still acknowledging other important issues.

The Gaza Health department said the Hamas attacks in Israel on October 7 death toll had reached nearly 25,000 since.

The Israeli death toll for those attacks is 1,139.

Melbourne Protest - Free Gaza

Australia Palestine Advocacy Network president Nasser Mashniexpressed her concern, stating that despite months of sustained peaceful demonstrations, there seemed to be little response to their calls for change. As the blockade in Gaza persisted, Nasser emphasized the need to intensify their efforts and take more decisive actions to address the ongoing challenges faced by the Palestinian people. She urged the international community to recognize the urgency of the situation and join forces to bring about a meaningful resolution.

A Victoria Police Department reported, “Approximately 85 demonstrators were requested to vacate private premises around 4 am [on Saturday], at which point some individuals displayed hostile and aggressive behavior.”

Protester Tasnim Sammak declared, “If Gaza continues to face blockades, we demand that every Israeli commercial site be similarly restricted.

The department issued a statement on Sunday, asserting that the continuous airstrikes and ground incursion by Israel have resulted in the tragic loss of over 25,105 lives in Gaza, with a predominant number being women and children.

Supporters of Palestine also protested in Washington DC, a state in the United States, in which a woman displayed a banner that read: US Taxes Fund Israeli War in Palestine! Don’t Pay Taxes.

Melbourne Protest - Free Gaza

Due to this war situation, the problem of food shortage is also arising in Gaza. It is difficult to supply food to the elderly and women affected by the war in Gaza due to Israel’s encirclement around Gaza.

Melbourne Protest - Free Gaza

There are more such pictures circulating on social media and everyone who has a soft corner wants a ceasefire and a peace agreement between Palestine and Israel, but maybe Israel does not want this and the world media is also silent on it and does not comment. Like it or not, America has become an ally of Israel. A human rights council is also silent.

Melbourne Protest - Free Gaza

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