Internet Transaction Server (ITS)

In the Context of SAP's mySAP Product Package.

Internet Transaction Server (ITS) serves as a crucial interface facilitating seamless data exchange between a Web server and R/3 application server, forming a vital component within SAP’s comprehensive mySAP product suite.


Deciphering Internet Transaction Server:

At its core, Internet Transaction Server (ITS) serves as the linchpin connecting application and Web servers, orchestrating the smooth flow of data and enabling user interaction with Internet application components. ITS assumes the pivotal role of integrating the presentation layer for executed R/3 system transactions, rendering each transaction into HyperText Markup Language (HTML) pages. These HTML pages undergo alterations via predefined templates, constituting indispensable components for online R/3 system business applications.


ITS comprises two key components: WGate and AGate. Typically residing on the Web server, WGate acts as the initial point of contact for user requests, while AGate, which may or may not be co-located with the Web server, serves as the intermediary responsible for converting data into HTML format.


The Seamless Data Flow Process

When a user initiates a request by clicking a link to access a Web page, ITS orchestrates a seamless data flow process, encompassing the following steps:


  1. Data Transfer from Web Server to WGate: The journey commences with the transmission of data from the Web server to WGate, marking the inception of the data exchange process.
  2. Data Routing to AGate: Subsequently, WGate forwards the received data by establishing a connection with AGate, initiating the next phase of data processing.
  3. HTML Conversion by AGate: AGate undertakes the pivotal task of converting the received data into HTML format, ensuring compatibility with R/3 application requirements.
  4. Transmission to R/3 Application: The converted HTML data is seamlessly transmitted to the R/3 application for further processing, marking a critical juncture in the data exchange journey.
  5. Return Journey to WGate: Finally, the processed HTML data makes its way back to WGate, traversing the reverse path, ultimately culminating in its delivery back to the user.


Unlocking the Potential of Internet Transaction Server (ITS) in Enhancing Web Server and Application Server Connectivity


Internet Transaction Server (ITS) serves as the vital conduit bridging the realms of Web and application servers within SAP’s expansive mySAP product suite. By facilitating efficient data exchange and user interaction with Internet application components, ITS plays a pivotal role in driving the seamless integration and functionality of online R/3 system business applications.

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