How to Grow Your Small Business

A 6-Step Plan to Help Your Business Take Off

Donald F. Miller, an acclaimed New York Times bestselling author, offers practical guidance on scaling small businesses through his wall street journal bestseller, “How to Grow Your Small Business.” This comprehensive guide presents a straightforward, six-step approach designed to help entrepreneurs achieve consistent, reliable outcomes.

By following these methods, Miller transformed his own enterprise from a modest startup with four employees based in a basement into a thriving $15 million organization, boosting its revenues by six times within six years. This book aims to fill a void in the marketplace by providing a concise, actionable blueprint for growing a business.

It covers topics such as crafting a compelling corporate vision centered around three key economic objectives; refining marketing messages; implementing a customer-centric sales strategy; optimizing products; managing teams effectively using a structured system; and mastering cash flow via five distinct bank accounts.

By adhering to the principles outlined in “How to Grow Your Small Business,” readers will gain the tools necessary to foster independence, agility, and expansion within their organizations while simultaneously enhancing personal fulfillment both professionally and personally.

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