How to Cancel Your Foodpanda Order

A simple Guide

“Sometimes the thrill of ordering on Foodpanda outweighs the logic of what’s already in your fridge. Cancel button, my savior.” Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. Thankfully, canceling a Foodpanda order is a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you navigate the cancellation process:


Open the Foodpanda App or Website:

Launch the foodpanda app on your smartphone or head to the website on your computer. Make sure you’re logged in to your account.

Navigate to Your Orders:

Locate the “My Order” section within the app or website. This section will display a list of all your past and current orders.

Find the Order You Want to Cancel:

Scroll through the list of orders and identify the one you wish to cancel. Look for the order details, such as the restaurant name, order number, and date/time of placement.

Locate the “Cancel Order” Button:

Once you’ve found the desired order, look for the “Cancel Order” button. This button’s location might vary depending on the app version or platform you’re using. It’s typically located near the order details or within the order menu itself.

Select the Reason for Cancellation (Optional):

Some Versions of the app or website might prompt you to select a reason for cancellation.  Choose the option that best describes your situation, such as “Accidental order” or “Change of plans.”

Confirm Your Cancellation:

A confirmation pop-up will appear, asking you to confirm your cancellation request. Double-check the order details and ensure it’s the correct one before proceeding.

Wait for Confirmation.

Once you confirm the cancellation, Foodpanda will process your request and sent you a notification regarding the status of your cancellation. This might take a few minutes.

Contact Support if Needed:

If your order has already been picked up by a rider or the restaurant has started preparing it, cancellation might not be possible. In such cases, it’s best to contact Foodpanda customer support directly. You can reach them via live chat within the app or through their websites.


Additional Tips:

  • The earlier you cancel your order, the higher the chance of a successful cancellation and full refund.
  • If the restaurant has already started preparing your food, you might incur a cancellation fee.
  • Be polite and provide a clear reason for cancellation when interacting with customer support.
  • Keep your order confirmation details handy for any future inquiries.


By following these simple steps, you can easily cancel your Foodpanda order and get your refund. Remember, the earlier you act, the smoother the process will be.

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