Most Expensive Pens in World

Expensive Pens: Where ink meets artistry, a pen transcends its function, its every detail a testament to the maker’s love for the written word. In the caress of its flawless finish and the whisper of its nib, a high-quality pen becomes a symphony of craftsmanship and allure.

Intrigued by the extravagant world of writing instruments? Dive into this article as we unveil the most luxurious pens on Earth, and uncover what makes them irresistible to discerning collectors.

We’ll give you more information about a pen made of nearly 1,000 black diamonds and list the most expensive pens in the Truphae store

To give you a better look inside the world of luxurious pens, here’s a list of the most expensive pens in the world and why each one made our list.

Top 6 Most Expensive Pens in the World:

1. Fulgor Nocturnus

Expensive Pen


Manufacturer Tibaldi
Price $8 million
Color Black
Unique Features
  • 945 black diamonds
  • 123 rubies
  • 18-carat gold nib

Believe it or not, a pen once sold for a staggering $8 million, not at a lavish auction for billionaires, but at a charity event! This one-of-a-kind writing tool proves that even the most extravagant luxuries can be used for a good cause. Black diamonds dance and rubies pulse on its sleek form, but this pen’s soul sings a different tune. Its true magic lies not in gemstones, but in a symphony of craftsmanship and hidden stories.

This pen isn’t just an instrument for ink, it’s a whispered testament to nature’s most captivating equation. . Each curve, each taper, reflects the golden ratio 1.618, a whispered harmony guiding the eye from cap to nib. It’s a poem of proportion, inviting you to write your own masterpiece in its wake.

Like constellations scattered across the pen’s body, gleaming gemstones illuminate the cap and barrel, aptly christened Fulgus Nocturnus, Latin for ‘Night Glow.

2. Taj Mahal Limited Edition

Expensive Pen



Manufacturer Montblanc
Price $2 million
Color Gold
Unique Features
  • Diamonds 
  • Sapphires
  • Malachite
  • Removable opal

The second most expensive pen in the world was produced in a limited edition of only ten pieces. 

Born from a love story sculpted in moonlight and marble, the Montblanc High Artistry collection finds its voice in this exquisite pen. Whispers of the Taj Mahal’s grace, Shah Jahan’s grief, and Mumtaz Mahal’s memory dance within its form. Each stroke a testament to an emperor’s unwavering devotion, each curve a tear etched in silver and gold.

The limited edition pens have three different designs:

  • Black Myth
  • Insignia of Power
  • Tear of the Moon

Like precious jewels sculpted by Mughal artisans, these pens shimmer with a kaleidoscope of gemstones, their curvaceous forms echoing the elegant sweep of a traditional dagger. Crafted using ancient techniques, they whisper tales of emperors and empires.

3. Boheme Royal Pen

Expensive Pen

Manufacturer Montblanc
Price $1.5 million
Color White Gold
Unique Features
  • Black and white diamonds 
  • 18 carat white gold body

Get ready for some ink-redible prices! Among the pen-tastic contenders on our “Most Expensive Pens in the World” list, Montblanc holds a prestigious position.

Focusing on the diamonds “A kaleidoscope of brilliance, the Boheme Royal pen shimmers with over 1,430 diamonds, their delicate hues dancing across its 18-carat white gold canvas.”

Diamonds whisper secrets on an 18-carat white gold canvas, their brilliance mirrored in the constellation of 19 adorning the Montblanc emblem. But the true magic lies beneath: a nib that dances in and out, a whispered promise of ink on paper, a secret shared only by the Boheme Royal and its fortunate owner.

The pen was designed in two styles, one of which is made solely of white diamonds, while the other combines black and white diamonds.

4. 1010 Diamond Edition

Expensive Pen


Montblanc Caran d’Ache
Price $1.28 million
Color White gold
Unique Features
  • Diamonds in different cutting styles 
  • 18 carat white gold

Whispers of diamonds and intricate guillochage surround the Caran d’Ache 1010 pen, a legend among writing instruments. Its price, a carefully guarded secret, hints at the exclusivity it embodies. Is it art? Is it luxury? It is simply the 1010.

Where artistry meets precision, the Caran d’Ache 1010 pen finds its muse in the watch, a timeless icon of luxury. Its name, an echo of the balanced beauty of 10:10, hints at the meticulous craftsmanship that elevates every writing experience.

From the transparent depths of a watch’s heart, a pen unveils its secrets. Gleaming like a frozen moment in time, the clip takes the form of a clock hand, while the nib, adorned with whispered etchings of gears, transforms time itself into elegant strokes of ink. Forged from 18-carat white gold and cloaked in over 850 diamonds, each a kaleidoscope of emerald, baguette, and brilliant cuts, this pen transcends mere practicality, becoming a masterpiece where time becomes art.

 5. Diamante

Expensive Pen

Montblanc Aurora
Price $1 million
Color Platinum
Unique Features Diamonds

The Aurora Diamante fountain pen is an exclusive pen that’s only produced once a year.

The pen’s barrel is crafted from pure platinum and adorned with an extravagant display of opulence—over 2,000 diamonds grace its surface. Notably, 1,919 of these diamonds are meticulously placed on the barrel, symbolizing the founding year of Aurora with exquisite precision. Sourced from the esteemed De Beers jewelers, these diamonds contribute to the pen’s flawless embellishment, creating a masterpiece of unparalleled luxury.

Adding to its allure is the pen’s distinctive customizable nib, allowing the owner to engrave their initials or even their family’s coat of arms, thereby personalizing this opulent writing instrument. Unsurprisingly, the pen commands a substantial price, solidifying its status as the quintessential collector’s item for enthusiasts of exquisite fountain pens.

6. Heaven Gold 

Expensive Pen


Montblanc Anita Tan
$995,000 $995,000
Color Rose gold
Unique Features
  • Diamonds in many colors
  • Tsavorite gemstone

Just below the $1 million mark, we have the Haven Gold fountain pen, which is a limited edition collection of only 8 pens.

Infused with celestial allure and auspicious luck, only eight of these exquisite pens dance into existence. Each stroke whispers the artist’s vision, inspired by the dance of planets in a rose gold symphony. While crafted with an ethereal femininity in mind, their brilliance transcends gender, beckoning any collector who craves a touch of the extraordinary.

The pen is made with 1,888 diamonds in multiple colors that weigh 48 carats, while the crest is made of 161 brilliantly colored diamonds. On top of this, the pen contains a rare gemstone called Tsavorite that originates from Africa and is over 2 billion years old. Based on this, we shouldn’t wonder why the price of this pen is so high.


While some of the most expensive pen in the world boast exorbitant price tags due to their lavish adornments with precious stones and metals, others achieve their high value through the sheer artistry and ingenuity of their designs. These pens are true masterpieces of craftsmanship, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with everyday writing instruments. For collectors with a discerning eye and a passion for penmanship, these unique creations offer an unparalleled writing experience and a coveted addition to any pen collection. The Truphae store is where you might be able to find your new favorite pen.

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