Custom Wire technologies

Custom Wire Technologies (CWT), founded in 2003, meticulously honed its craft in reinforcement coils, carving a unique niche within the medical device landscape.Over the years, they’ve honed their skills in customization, becoming a trusted partner for a spectrum of clients – from fledgling entrepreneurs and nimble startups to well-established OEMs. Their unwavering focus on bespoke solutions remains a cornerstone of their enduring success.

Custom Wire technologies mastery of coil winding, wireforming, and precision grinding isn’t just about technical prowess; it’s about bringing medical innovations to life. Their diverse material palette and ability to seamlessly transition from single prototypes to high-volume production cater to every stage of the development journey. This agility, coupled with unwavering customer focus, has earned CWT its rightful place as a leading vendor of medical instrumentation, consistently exceeding expectations and fueling progress in the healthcare field.

Custom Wire technologies

Where others chase metrics, CWT dances to the internal cadence of quality and efficiency, always in perfect time This dedication manifests in their ability to swiftly deliver top-notch products while providing exceptional customer service, understanding that in the fast-paced world of medical devices, time is of the essence.

From the moment an inquiry or request comes in, it’s seamlessly routed to the most qualified department for prompt attention. No customer, regardless of their size or project scope, is ever treated with anything but the utmost respect and dedication. CWT’s team takes immense pride in exceeding expectations by consistently delivering efficient and effective solutions that truly make a difference.


  • Medical Wire Winding & Coiling
  • Precision Wire Grinding
  • Accuracy wire grinding
  • Nitinol Coils & Shape Setting
  • Catheter Reinforcement Coils
  • Medical Compression Springs
  • Plasma & Laser Welding
  • Clean-room Assembly Services
  • Ink Printing & Laser Marking Services

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